Why Wait? The World has changed But Problems Must Be Addressed

I have noticed that since the COVID pandemic crisis began, the nature of my business has changed. I am getting lots of inquiries about employee and employer rights in dealing with the pandemic.
            What can employees do if they are forced to quarantine? What if they are caregivers for someone who has to quarantine? What kind of health information has to be shared with an employer? What kinds of steps must an employer take to keep his employees safe? How does federal CARES Act legislation apply in the workplace?
            When COVID first became part of our daily lives, it was all new, scary, and its impacts were confusing. Today, it remains scary, but we are learning to live with it, to adjust to it, and to continue to live our lives albeit in a different way.
            And while I have written a lot about some of the good changes in life that have resulted from the pandemic, I still look forward to getting my former life back – one where I am not restricted or constrained in living because of the virus. I may have learned better ways to live my life, but I still want to have the freedom to see and experience life in all of its beauty and abundance some day soon.
            Because our world changed so much over the last nine months, many of us became more considerate and more grateful for the good things that we still have. For those of us who continued to be able to go to work every day and earn a living, having a regular paycheck when so many of our neighbors were suffering without a paycheck was reassuring.
            For those who may have lost their jobs, many took the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial dreams in a world that began looking for answers to new questions and problems.
            But given the uncertainty that existed relative to work and business relationships, many folks became simply happy to have work and business, and they started to let problems slide rather than confront them.
            Whereas mistreatment in the workplace may have been addressed in the past, now folks were willing to let it go because they did not want to “rock the boat.” Employers who were making decisions about how to retain their workers were looking the other way when employees failed to show up or gave less than optimal performance.
            The new world threw us for a loop and it changed our behavior.
            But this is the world we live in now. Things are not going back to normal. For those folks who have chosen to wait before understanding or pursuing possible claims of harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in the workplace, time is rushing by and soon the limitations period will be up for them to bring a claim.
            Governor Lamont suspended some statutes of limitation by executive order when the pandemic began, but there are real legal questions about whether or not he had the legal authority to do so.
            For those folks who have waited to bring a claim, either out of concern about rocking the boat; fear of meeting with a lawyer in an office; or worry about paying for counsel, they need to know that time and limitations periods wait for nobody. A new year is about to start.
            If you have a legal matter that needs to be addressed, the time to wait has passed. It is time to contact a professional and get to work on it.  You can call me now at 888-579-4222 or email me at Eric@thelaborlawyer.com. Let’s talk about the workplace issue that you have been putting off for too long. 

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