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Labor & Employment Law

Getting involved in a legal matter can be intimidating for almost anybody. Whether you’re an individual with a legal issue or a business owner trying to solve a problem, I take an approach designed to give you peace of mind. I will make the law accessible to you and help you understand how it can work in your favor.

You don’t have to go it alone…let’s find a solution together.

Meet Our Team

With over twenty years of experience practicing in both state and federal courts at the highest levels, I know what it takes to help you through your legal issues. Under my guidance, you do not need to be overwhelmed when faced with a legal issue. My mission is to give you peace of mind and help you deal with the uncertainties of your case with clarity, skill, and tenacity.

With a background in emergency response and a certified Force Science Analyst, I am well-versed in conducting investigations and using evidence to develop and advance cases. I know how to successfully litigate so you feel confident as we work through your legal issues together. I am here to guide you through your case with persistence, passion, and dedication.