On Division in Our Country

            Back in 2015 I came to a crossroads in my career. My employer of 18 years had consolidated its operations, and I was faced with an immediate job loss. I had two choices: I could crumble, or I could find some grit and find a way. I found […]

Your Financial Protection is in Jeopardy

            Every now and then there will be a story from the media about a new scam impacting consumers. Not all of them are obvious. There is a whole industry in the financial sector that preys on poor, vulnerable, and desperate folks looking for a way out of a […]

Expansion of Connecticut’s Anti-Discrimination Law

            I have written many times that Connecticut is a more favorable environment to pursue workplace discrimination claims than most other places. While all states are covered by federal anti-discrimination laws, Connecticut has its own state law – the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act – which enhances federal proscriptions […]

The NFL Players Association Needs to Do Better

            I woke up feeling unsure the other morning. The headlines in my news feed were telling me about Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa suffering a severe head injury in his game the night before against the Cincinnati Bengals.             I am a football fan. I spend my fall […]

Union Strikes

            I was meeting with a group of employees last week that are interested in forming a labor union. Over my 25 years representing workers and unions, I have never seen as much interest in unionizing as I do right now.             Lots of factors are involved. The pandemic […]

Quiet Quitting or Loud Leaving?

            Have you heard about the hot new thing called “quiet quitting?” It’s definitely hot and new – at least, that’s what the new generation thinks.             For those of us who have been around, we called it “gold-bricking” or “slowdown.” I knew of a company whose policy was […]

Web3: What You Need to Know

            I was having lunch with a friend a few weeks ago who was telling me about a new business venture he has. This friend of mine is an entrepreneurial physician who made his first million by 30 and is well on his way to nine figures today. His […]

Unionization in the Minor Leagues

            I have written occasionally about the terrible working conditions for most minor league athletes. Terrible working conditions are not unique to minor league or college athletes. But because they are more high profile than the average worker who has to deal with conditions that threaten personal dignity, safety, […]


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